Gwin Dawelach

Black Bearfolk Druid (Hermit)


AC: 13
Initiative: 0
Speed: 30
HP: 10

STR: 11 (0)
Dex: 11 (0)
Con: 14 (2)
INT: 13 (1)
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 11 (0)

Proficiency: Light armor, medium armor, shields (non-metal), Clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears, Herbalism kit

Abilities: Natural Armor, climbing speed of 30 ft, Bite

Languages: Common, Elvish, Druidic


Spellcasting ability: 2
Spell Save: 12
Spell attack bonus: 4

Produce flame

1st Level
Cure Wounds
Faerie Fire


Gwin is a black bearfolk who hails from the ale state of the Mosht empire from a secluded tribe. She is particularly fond of the goddess Nocht, of the moon and stars and often looks towards her great-grandmother for guidance. Her great-grandmother was one of the longest living and wise elders who guided the tribe through a period of drought and other misfortunes eventually leading the tribe to make new home in the more northern ale state.

Gwin has a couple of prominent scars, including one bite mark and one slashing scar that can be partially seen on her neck. An older bearfolk who had become insane was attacking others in the tribe and Gwin stopped them from harming others. She has since gotten the scar tattooed.

Since that incident she has noticed that a sickness has started gaining a foothold in her tribe, particularly with the most influential elder who is becoming more delusional and doesn’t understand the ways of the outside world any longer. Because of this, Gwin seeks to gain knowledge of the outside world to better guide her tribe.

Gwin carries a cedar quarterstaff and tends to be measured and calm in all circumstances. Her ideals very much align with the natural world and while at times may seem cold, once she considers someone part of her tribe she is very loyal and caring.

Gwin Dawelach

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