Wilfaerd "Wil" D'fronzo

Half-Elf Rogue (Thief)


AC: 14
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30
HP: 9

STR: 8 (-1)
Dex: 16 (+3)
Con: 13 (1)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 13 (
CHA: 16 (+3)

Proficiency: Thieves Tools, Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Long Swords, Short Swords, Rapiers
Abilities: Fey Ancestry, Expertise (Sight of Hand, Stealth), Sneak Attack, Darkvision


One of many kids who grew up in the slums of the capital state, Wil only knew one thing and that was to steal to survive. He would resort to picking pockets from the passing by rich and wealthy to help feed his stomach. One day in an attempt to steal the wallet of who he thought was a rich noble turned out to be a thief just like him. He saw potential in the young half-elf and trained him in the ways of thievery and charm. TO steal not just for survival, but to help out those in need and of course the thrill of liberating objects from those who don’t need them.

Wilfaerd "Wil" D'fronzo

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