Penitar Mosht

First Session Notes

Within the Mosht Empire, adventurers are regarded and sought after for doing things that other won't, or can't.  The Mosht Empire is completely walled off, separating each of the countries from each other by tall stone walls.  This offers segregation and security, leaving each country with both their own military and the empire's elite forces.  Our adventure begins at the Adventurer's Guild, wheore both those who live in Daesdemona and visitors both can come to visit and find work, or gather information.  

Bam, a gnome, sits at a table with a drink in his hand and a concoction strapped to his arm.  Vell, an elf, and Wil, a half-elf, sit at a table with him playing 5-dragon ante.  Vell smokes a cigarette from an herb called kheefa – a multi-colored smoke producing purple herb.  Gwin, a bearfolk, stands in the back, trying not to be noticed, and String, a tabaxi, sits at the bar.  

String sees next to her a halfling man wearing a golden band around his arm.  She asks, rather loudly, what it was for, and she is informed that it is to honor one of the dead princes, who has been dead for about a month.  She begins asking questions, about the nature of his death, and Flynn, a mover picture star, comes through the door and pulls her to the table with 5-dragon ante, so that they can keep more questions from being asked and from being overheard.  In the Mosht Empire, sometimes asking too many questions can get you killed.  To lighten the mood, a round of shots is ordered for everyone. 

What is delivered are cactusback shots – a cactus shot with cactus liquor, and another with a pink aether.  The proper way to take the shot is the aether, then the cactus.  It was discovered what happens when the shots are taken incorrectly, which makes one either hallucinate or feel like they are swallowing glass. 

Bam investigated the job board, and discovered that a writer, by the name of Numee Numee, was missing.  Vell knew the author from some tea times- he lives in the same neighborhood, the Artists' District.  It was discovered that Numee Numee had bought a new house there recently.  The person who had reported him missing was a halfling named Grixel – a scribe at the 1000 page book shop.  He delivered supplies to Numee Numee, and hadn't heard from him for 5 days.  

Numee Numee was a mystery author, one who used ink of illusion to write his books.  This illusion ink allowed the reader to almost feel like they were right in the mystery novel.  The ink is created in only one place, the mage state, and not much else is known about it, besides the fact that usually a magical quill is used to write as well.  One of his most recent works, and one of the most well known, is the novel the Hell Hound of Dragon Palace.  

The characters discover that there was a delivery of furniture to Numee Numee's new house the day he disappeared from a shop called Aetherflow magical items.  It was signed for by Numee Numee, but when they went to the shop to talk to Sherlitan Lorekeeper, the owner, it was discovered it wasn't a kobold, which Numee Numee is, that signed for it.  It was a half elf with brown hair, bright blue eyes, and sharpened teeth.  Together, they go back to Numee Numee's house and lift the rug, which they found was magical, and found a kobold tooth.  They also discovered that there were pages taken out of the book that Numee Numee was recently writing.  Things certainly aren't what they seem.


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