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Welcome to Penitar.  It is a land of opportunity, of adventure and of trial.  It was born in flames and in the sea, and it will always welcome you with open arms.  Whether or not it kills you afterward, that has yet to be seen.  the world is still young, and as such you, dear adventurers, will be the ones to shape it.

The continent belonging to the Mosht Empire is run by an emperor by the name of Xhium Hue Renessleir.  He is the latest in the line of emperors of the Renessleir line, the twelth in that dynasty.  

Each particular country is its own "state" within the empire, but it's also very much its own country.  Each state has its own primary export, or area of expertise.  That doesn't mean that each person who lives in the country has to be associated with the export, but they are held in higher regard.

Adventurers in the Mosht Empire are welcome, mostly to solve missions delivered by the capital and by the Emperor and his servants.  The Capital is the place that the adventure will begin in, and for you to explore!

Home Page

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